About us


Hello, I'm Sandra and this is Mike! We have five kids... a dog... and a cat... and live in a itty bitty town outside of Louisville, KY.  Together, he and I are the creatives behind Paper Willow Market! I am the dreamer and in charge of the digital side, along with the sewing and painting. A little bit of photography too. Mike builds and creates the woodworks that you will see in our shop and helps with the sewing.

We have both been crafting or creating most of our life, although we both really found our niche's in high school. I with painting/drawing and Mike with woodworks.

Together we have been doing craft fairs for the last six+ years. Separately, I have been a stay at home mom running my Etsy shop with party pritnables for the last two years. Although the first year was mostly digital papers. Mike over the years has been creating all kinds of fun stuff for different people and helping redo not only our house but my mothers too. All while maintaining his 9 to 5.

(We like to stay busy!) 

Our dream has been to open a shop together to have a place to sell our creations. A place to find not only party printable's, but everyday life printable's. Woodworks for holidays and everyday. Quilts and table toppers.. you name it! It's our modern market of sorts, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do in creating it! 

We also have our main site www.thepaperwillow.com where we will be posting all kinds of goodies about our printable's and products. 

If you have any questions send us a email at paperwillowdesigns@icloud.com